Octavia E. Butler’s award-winning novel came to life with FX’s Kindred, a thrilling, mind-bending tale of inter-generational tragedy and discovery. The pre-launch, launch, and sustain campaign needed to capture the eerie mystique of the show while being true to the novel. The team and I threw ourselves into this project, crafting unique assets that didn’t just pull scenes, but tell stories.
The pitch process and awarding of this project pulled on the requisite ideation Creatives undergo, with dozens of deck versions and proposed concepts. What’s presented are the original concepts that made it to the masses.

  • Role Sr. Copywriter (sole writer)
  • For FX
  • Type Social/Digital Campaign
  • URL
  • Leadership Chris Salamat/CD
  • Partners Sarah Koteles/Designer




Kindred is a tale about a family tree with roots and branches that reach through timelines. throughout the run of the show, we used the unfurling story to reveal the living limbs involved in the saga with visual, suspenseful storytelling.

Kindred was a true adaptation and we wanted to show that to the letter. Pivotal scenes were shown with their literary inspiration to let fans know this show was true to the page.

a show dealing with such complex storylines required... "tact". to give fans a peek of what is and what's coming with each key character we offered a dose of their story arc as they experienced it: in a whirlwind.

we thought: "since these characters exist in the present as they do in the past, let's introduce them to the timeline oddity for their time." and so we did. paired with copy that reflected each character's arc and POV, we were able to serve up some cryptic visuals.