World Wise

For AANHPI Month, NatGeo wanted to do more than celebrate with a beautiful photo and a pithy quote, they wanted to actually educate and elevate–very on-brand for legendary documentarians, National Geographic. This campaign required research (so much research), reasoning, and constant reference checks to ensure the AANHPI community was represented with reverence. As the creative writer on this project, I made sure every scripted word, every visual and super were chosen to celebrate and bring awareness to a myriad of cultures many Americans aren’t fully appreciative of. It was my job to point out and underline the many instances AANHPI culture collectively influenced Americans everywhere with four distinct story-telling videos that would make Asian, Native Hawaiian and Pacific Islander Americans proud.

  • Role Sr. Copywriter (sole writer)
  • For NAT GEO
  • Type TVC, Social Campaign @natgeo
  • Placement OLV, Social
  • Leadership Chris Salamat/CD
  • Partners Priscilla Kazamzadeh/AD


"Wise Words" was a very natural avenue for a copywriter to lean all the way in on. Proverbs and idioms are a hallmark of every culture, but there are so many within AANHPI history that continue to reverb. In the approach to this video, I really wanted to include the native script for each language referenced. Really made it read authentically.


AANHPI influence is like easter eggs all over the American experience, baked in and engrained to a point where only a discerning eye and attentive minds would notice. This particular video addresses that, highlighting the origin stories of so many customs and practices that are now commonplace and sadly, torn far away from the culture that borne them.


"Little Town, Big City" explores how every "China Town", "Korea Town" and "Little Japan" across America didn't just suddenly spring up as cultural epicenters, they were created to survive harsh conditions.


Hard to find an American who hasn't enjoyed some element of Asian cuisine, but "Fusion Fixation" illuminates how culinary influence from AANHPI cultures goes way beyond eggrolls and sushi.