You Can't Stop Sport

“Falling down is nothing. Getting up is everything.” That’s how we lead this iteration of NIKE’s “Hero the Humans” campaign; an effort to tell the stories of athletes who use activism as a form of sport for the soul. I scripted the story of skater and founder of froSkate, Karlie Thornton, through interviews, sessions at skateparks, Zoom voice over sessions, and good ol' ethnographic ear hustling. Despite a COVID-19 shoot shutdown, an illustrious team helped get a piece of her story to the world. I’m a Copywriter by trade, but as a human being– I enjoy most being a biographer of those who deserve light and praise.

  • Role Copywriter + Screenwriter
  • For NIKE
  • Type freelance – NIKE
  • Placement OLV, Social, NIKE App
  • Illustrious Team: Gumbo Media + SoapBox Productions




It all began as a trio of manifestos I wrote for NIKE to offer some grounded voice and tone to the BIPOC/GenZ-focused voting effort. Then it developed into a spot. Then it turned into Chicago skater, Karlie Thornton, delivering my words as the spokesperson of NIKE's effort to get an entire generation to the polls to vote. Timing stole the opportunity for the spot to air on broadcast television. But here? It can breathe.