Be Unstoppable

This massive campaign of OLV, radio and paid social highlights different tools within UPS' arsenal that aid an entrepreneur’s ambition. Considering the new and unknown backdrop of a pandemic and how that has affected small businesses, I created stories that reflected the realities, challenges, and triumphs business owners handled and how they use UPS to help push them forward. The tone and energy of this campaign are energetic, determined, and active–capped by a unique ‘power word’ for each vignette that summarizes the UPS product AND the motive of the owner. Not only did I keep this inherited torch aflame, but I also helped it to burn even brighter. This work was so emblematic of the new brand voice and direction UPS wanted to pursue, it created new opportunities for the Martin Agency, securing more of UPS' business. Unstoppable indeed.

  • Role Sr. Copywriter (sole writer)
  • For UPS
  • Type AOR work – The Martin Agency
  • Placement OLV, Social, Radio
  • Leadership Kevin Ragland/CD, Jeanette Tyson/CD
  • Partners Rique Santiago/AD, Sara Gorforth/AD

"BE UNSTOPPABLE" anthem :30

"SYNC" :15

"FLEX" :15



"SPRING" :15