The AIDS Foundation of Chicago wanted to target the demographics with the highest rates of new HIV cases per year: black gay men, black transgender women and black cisgendered women. In a visual campaign that featured real couples, pathogenic language was paired with love language to convey nothing –especially fear– should come between a couple in their most intimate moments. The campaign combined expansive OOH executions, branded events and an active social media presence, using the #PrEP4Love hashtag to empower a community to “Catch Feelings, not HIV.”

not only was the PrEP campaign beautifully effective from an advertising standpoint, the community turned it into a MOVEMENT–which means it was EFFECTIVE AF.

source: | “Finally: An HIV prevention campaign that uses real, at-risk models”

photography by SANDRO

photography by SANDRO

photography by SANDRO

CTA train banners

CTA station billboards

CTA station billboards

heated “Contract Heat” bus shelter on State/Lake in downtown Chicago.

PrEP4Love was voted as Chicago’s BEST AD CAMPAIGN of 2017

The 2nd Annual POZ Awards spotlighted the best representations of HIV/AIDS in media and culture. The POZ editorial staff selected the nominees, but POZ readers chose the winners.

Prep4Love picked up in Paris, France

the PrEP4Love Campaign was adapted by the AIDES foundation in France to counter rising HIV rates.

tagline translates to: “one tablet daily protects you from HIV”

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