We Came To Play

We all know Disney, the undisputed machinator of magic across the globe. But when Disney Parks wanted to invite Black families to bring their magic? "Say less," said Cashmere Agency. We Came To Play is unlike anything Disney has ever attempted. Working with Yellow Shoes, Disney’s in-house agency, we were able to craft the FIRST evergreen campaign that speaks to and with Black families, compelling them to bring ALL of who they are to the parks. I was entrusted with leading the work for Walt Disney World, the park people the world over flock to for magic and merriment. From the first line of our spots to directing the VO of those spots, to casting the beautiful family to embody our target, to shooting in Walt Disney World where I could geek out and meet actual Disney princesses was a testament to how dreaming still applies in AdLife.


When the team wanted to pre-launch the entire We Came To Play campaign, we thought "Where would we find the bulk of our main demographic gathered together in ONE place to just be their glorious selves, having a good time?" ESSENCE Fest was the obvious answer. We pulled together visuals across Disney resources, but the VO needed to spellbind and give audiences more than a taste of what was coming their way--so, that's what I did.


"We Have Arrived" :30

"I ...have...arrived" the young girl says with a sense of awe and determination as she steps into Magic Kingdom. The thematic spot for Walt Disney World is one that features the undaunted magic and genuine joy within a black family. As they take in all the wonderment and thrills Disney World holds, they explore in their own unique way, because they came to play.

"We Have Arrived" :15

Radio | "For Play, Play" :30

Radio | "We Came For All Of That" : 15

Radio | "What Magic Is" :30