WorthTelling 2017 (campaign)

Allstate’s 2017 Black History Month campaign invoked the notion of “social solidarity”-- highlighting businesses that are black-run, black-owned and black-benefitting. we focused on 3 individuals whose stories emanated the concept of “for us and by us” revealing a new chapter of stories that are worth expressing, worth knowing, and worth learning. this iteration of the campaign consisted of online video, sponsored social posts, and streaming & terrestrial radio executions.

WORTH MEETING- introducing the 3 new chapters of #WorthTelling

Ariell Johnson, blerd extraordinaire

“Melanin is a Superpower” – Director’s Cut

Isaac White Sr., community legend

“Making history since 1919” – Director’s Cut

Aaron Walker, blackboard bantamweight


radio for Ariell Johnson

Up Next:

3rd SHORE (film)