Voice Work

Being the “voice” of a brand can be both figurative and literal when you’re dealing with me. Sure, my voice talents help in cinching a pitch, delivering presentations to SVP’s and just helping my team and clients to FEEL the work, but it works out equally well that I’m an advertising creative who has the unique talent of knowing how to deliver in and out of a sound booth. My voice sells spots in the conference room, makes sizzle reels fry, sells products in the marketplace and yes, I’m bookable.

  • Role Copywriter | VO
  • Agency Cashmere Agency, The Lucy Collective

"Jewell, I just want you to narrate my life..."

for a time I worked on a little brand handle/campaign called MORE, TBS, and TruTV's effort to bring their diverse, black-forward programming and their leaders behind the camera to the forefront. When Juneteenth came around and they wanted to do more than just a little photo and a copy blurb, my team and I were all for it. with some great emphatic copy (humble brag) and moving VO work (modest brag) -- Freedom Day was felt.

this one? this one is pretty special because I wrote it and... wow, it was a character. while securing the social campaign for Godfather of Harlem Season 3, the team and I thought that it would be pretty dope to illustrate the "Lament of Bumpy Johnson" concept by actually producing it. so hear me as I spit his tale in my best gritty, back alley griot voice.

the "how to pronounce Pampelonne…" campaign is quite real because I truly had to learn how to pronounce it before I mastered the delivery of it. flirty, vivacious, curious, and delightful– Pampelonne wants to be the reason why you’re caught sippin' with a smile. delivering VO (that I didn't write) enriches my process as an ACD-- you've got to be able to take direction quickly and without incident as easily as you give it!