WorthTelling 2016

For Black History Month 2016, Allstate highlighted need-to-know stories from need-to-know people–because so much that the black community has lived through and worked for matters. A social-led effort, Allstate launched its most exhaustive and celebrated BHM campaign to date, which proved the content was worth knowing, worth sharing and #WorthTelling. In its entirety, the campaign featured 10 luminaries throughout 69 social posts, 10 online videos, and 4 radio spots.

“The Stories You’ve Never Heard Are Often Worth Telling.”--
campaign highlight and overview

source: business2community.com
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Hebru Brantley--“Forfeit The Kick It”

[1/3] A great black painter is simply a great painter, regardless of color. We believe that’s #WorthTelling. “I realized that I was a decent artist or headed in the right path once I got into grade school. I think that, when you get that sort of pat on the back or that praise from your classmates, you become known for that thing. It’s kind of what happened. You have those kids that are known for being smelly, those kids that are known for being really smart. I was known for being pretty good at art. And I appreciate that I can say whatever I want to say from the most vulgar to the most poetic or prolific and it still can find an audience.” – Hebru Brantley

Jamyla & Pierre Bennu--“10,000 Little Messages”

[1/3] For Jamyla & Pierre, black history is evidence of brilliance left behind. We believe that’s #WorthTelling. “I feel there’s the connection with energy. I feel it being handmade and it having a certain level of happy, fun energy. That was kind of the byproduct of self-affirmation and affirming those around us. We just needed to affirm others in the joy that we had. Like when your momma makes something, it’s delicious and it can be repeated, but how do you get the momma part in it?” — Pierre Bennu

Natalie McGriff--“This Is Exactly How You’re Supposed To Be.”

[1/3] Every young girl should love herself, her skin, her hair, and her mind. We believe that’s a love #WorthTelling. “My Grandma is my hero because she wants me to read and write so I can love myself and get smart. I wrote a book because I didn’t like to read and I didn’t like my hair. So I wrote a book about a girl who didn’t like her hair and she saved the library.” – Natalie McGriff

DJ Townsel--“Four Simple Words”

[1/3] As a yogi, his calling is to empower his people through peace and one love. We believe that’s a story #WorthTelling. “My hands have created peace within people. My hands have created joy, laughter. Through my practice, through teaching others, my hands have created things that can’t be seen physically but they bring about change. The good thing with yoga is that it teaches you not to worry. Just go with what’s going on right now. Don’t worry about what could have been or will be. “- DJ Townsel

Tomeka Reid--“To Give Up Is Irresponsible”

{1/3] For Tomeka Reid, black music is all music. We believe that’s #WorthTelling. “I feel like I learned how the cello could find its voice in jazz again. If I had a conversation with my hands, I would thank them because there’s been many hours of practicing and there have been points where my hands were tired and I’ve pushed them. I thank the universe for my hands because without them I’d have to figure out a different way to play the cello.” — Tomeka Reid




  • Role Copywriter

  • For Allstate

  • AD: jade lun

  • DP: sandro miller

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